What is "multidimensional"?

Updated: Feb 14

At first, the phrase "multidimensional hotel" might seem like something out of a sci-fi novel or TV show. What does it mean? Isn't a hotel a three-dimensional building? How can a building be multidimensional? And what is it about The Poetry Hotel that makes it multidimensional?

When it comes to understanding the cosmic properties of the reality in which we live, you can trust that you intuitively already have your own sense of knowing, & a lot of what seems like "science fiction" or beyond our ability to grasp is actually very natural. It's all a matter of perspective & allowing what we know deep down to come to the surface of our conscious awareness. Give yourself permission to remember.

In the most practical sense, "multidimensional" means more than one layer. The physical dimension is just one layer of reality & it has many other layers tucked inside it. As humans, we can perceive the physical dimension with our physical senses, & we can also perceive the other, more subtle layers of reality with other, more heightened senses, such as our intuition. Some of these other layers of reality include the emotional & mental planes, together what make the psyche, as well as the spiritual.

So "multidimensional" really just describes the multi-faceted nature of life - we all have multiple layers of self that come together as the composite image of what we experience as "the self." Thoughts, emotions, visions, dreams... all of these fundamentally exist in a non-physical dimensional of reality, which is to say, all of these have energetic properties that can be sensed, processed, & transmitted.

A multidimensional hotel, then, is simply an architectural body that is built with the awareness of the many layers of reality that come together to make the whole experience. In actuality, all physical structures are multidimensional, for there is nothing that exists in the physical plane that does not have a corresponding energetic signature & blueprint in the non-physical planes, but not all physical structures are built with the conscious awareness of this fact. What makes The Poetry Hotel unique is that it is aware of this fact & it is designed to nourish not only the physical body but also the psychological & spiritual bodies that the physical body houses inside of it.

Inside every person, there are many rooms.

You could say that The Poetry Hotel is built with more sensitivity than the hotels of the previous era, & while it might seem a bit futuristic at the moment, in just a few short years we will start to be amazed that our architecture ever supported anything less than the full-spectrum multidimensional experience that life as part of planet Earth has to offer.

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