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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Over the years, I have let go of trying to present myself, my life, & my life's work within the framework of a bio. Perhaps I am finally embodying the quality expressed by Clarice Lispector in Agua Viva when she writes, "There is much I cannot tell you. I am not going to be autiobiographical. I want to be 'bio'."

I write with the flow of the words.

But still, for the purposes of context, which I feel may be helpful in drawing you-the-reader more deeply into the nuances of my personal expression, I have written an introductory autobiography as best I can within the framework of my current lived experience.

My expressions are cosmic, ethereal, mythic symbology of the innermost realms of the psyche &, even beyond the psyche into the realms of spirit, into the Universal, holographic, & ever-present living heart of God.

A bit of context may help anchor some of my mystical musings into this tangible shared Earth experience, because, listen - no matter who you are, no matter the differences between us, the quality we share as human beings is that we are real.

So. Let us begin.

I was born in Ulm, Germany, in December of 1987, & resided there for four years with my parents until we moved to the United States in 1991. I spent my elementary years in various suburbs just north of Chicago, including the former Army post, Fort Sheridan. I entered my pre-teen years while living on yet another Army post, the more commonly known Fort Knox, Kentucky. From there I moved with my family to a small town in central Minnesota, which I came to know as home throughout my teen & young adult years.

As a child I loved to read, write, & imagine. I loved to dance. I loved listening to music. I spent hours singing into a hairbrush as if it was a microphone, pretending I was the next Mariah Carey. I wanted to be on stage. I wanted to share my sound. And I wanted to teach. I remember using my own elementary workbooks to pretend I was grading the papers of my students. I wanted to share my love of life & learning with others.

I have multiple journals from every year of my life, starting from when I was five years old. I began writing poems when I was eleven. As a young teen I fell in love with the sound of Kurt Cobain's voice & would practice writing my own words to the melody of Nirvana songs.

My high school English teacher was the first to recognize my passion for writing, that it was a form of catharsis for me. A therapeutic practice. Around this time is also when my interest in studying human psychology began to reveal itself. I took an AP psychology course & was fascinated by the mechanics of perception of reality. I wanted to understand how the brain works. I wanted to understand how humans perceive light, color, & sound. I remember being especially intrigued by case studies of psychological disorder. I wanted to understand why some humans perceived reality in ways that other humans didn't.

As a college undergraduate at Winona State University, I selected psychology as my first major, intending to pursue a career in clinical studies & diagnostics. However, after a semester or two, I ended up switching to a major in English with a writing emphasis, settling for a minor in psychology. The mind fascinated me, but my psychology classes did not satisfy my curiosity to go deeper into what shapes the human experience of reality, & my linguistic impulses called me to the page. If I loved the mind, I also loved the language that shaped our experience of the mind. I loved learning about syntax & rhythm, the mathematics of building a sentence. I loved exploring philosophical thought. I loved thinking about how we think. I loved exploring the psychology of characters in my English literature classes. The perspective of the narrator. The development of plot. I loved deconstructing language according to the philosophies of Jacques Derrida. I loved the theatrics of passion & tragedy offered to us through the works of William Shakespeare. I loved poetry. I loved research. I was most at home in the library or the campus study lounge, listening to classical music through my headphones, composing my own symphony of words across the page.

I will pause there, for now.

I tweet daily at @AlienHere2Love.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

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