Nature never stops

It just keeps going. When it runs into an obstacle, it finds a way to grow around it, through it, beyond it, in spite of it. Nature knows no obstacles. All nature knows is perpetual growth, which is really the creative rearrangement of particles in an endless number of configurations.... everything that ever could be & will be already is. Nature holds the blueprint for all of life's potential expressions of Itself. To experience life as the dance of Creation, then, is simply to witness that which eternally is materialize into various expressions of form through our active engagement with the principles of nature within our own being. Truly, there is no greater gift.

For the principles of nature, an obstacle is nothing but a catalyst for growth. Nature always has the upperhand, because nature doesn't live in the same reality as defeat. Nature knows no competition, therefore it never loses. Nature is in harmony with Itself. It is whole. It has no enemies but that which goes against the principles of nature, & yet even in the face of these enemies, nature doesn't stop being nature. It is unmoved. That which goes against nature will naturally cease to exist in the presence of what is real.

We can learn a lot from observing the principles of nature because we, as human beings, are expressions of it. Part of the return to Love is remembering & re-embodying ourselves as natural expressions of this planetary realm & greater Universal cosmos, to know ourselves as one with nature not just in a feel-good moralistic concept but scientifically, down to our cells & the electromagnetic currents that sing through them. We are a living song.

autumn, Minnesota