Diary of a Muse:

Living Light Library


What is 'living light'?

Living light is information that originates from a living source. It is information that is born of Love, encoded with Love, & in service to exalting even more Love. It is what is natural. Mediums of expression, such as art, music, film, books, written words, & news broadcasts, just to name a few, are encoded with information. When you engage with the medium through which information is transmitted, for example when you view a photo, read a tweet, hear a song, or watch a video, something happens between the frequency of the information held inside the media & the frequency of your personal energy field. The nature of what happens is determined by a great many factors, including your point of awareness, as well as the quality of the light encoded in the media. This quality can be living or it can be dead. It can be real or it can be artificial. It can register within your personal energy field as either resonance or dissonance. It can either harmonize with the living light already inside of you & add to your flow of creativity, experienced as inspiration, or it can run in antithesis to the natural flow of your life force, experienced as siphoning or an attempt at siphoning your own internal source of living light.

As a human, you can receive frequencies through the expressions of media & you can also transmit them. If you are an artist, a writer, or a speaker of any sort, you are familiar with the creative process through which you receive information from the deeper, more subtle realms of your consciousness fields, feel your way through that information, & then embody & express that information into a form that others, including yourself, can materially engage with. Whether you want it to be or not, the media you express is encoded with information that others can pick up & receive. Art is a natural medium through which the unconscious is made conscious. Some media can also be the process through which the conscious is made unconsciousness, depending on the nature & the quality of the frequencies being transmitted. 

The process of receiving, processing, & transmitting frequencies is something that happens not only for artists but for all humans. The words we speak are encoded with light. The gestures we make. The thoughts we think. Even if we are absolutely still doing nothing at all, we are still emitting a frequency signal. Even in the silence, we are in communication. 

At a time when digital distractions, content saturation, disinformation & information overload are at an all-time high, Diary of a Muse is an invitation to be more intentional with the frequency of the media you allow into your personal energy field; to become more aware of the frequencies you are transmitting; & to more readily access your innate ability to discern, direct, & transmute frequencies from one vibrational setting to another. It is also a chance to more deeply embody & redirect the flow of your life force toward the medium of expressions you feel have value according to the natural signals of resonance & discord you experience in your body. 


Clear terms of engagement

Before you become a patron, it's important to me that you enter the terms of our energetic agreement with full awareness of who I am & how I create so that you know what you are agreeing to. 


As an oracle & a muse, everything that comes forth from me originates from my embodiment of the principles of pure, cosmic, natural Love, the source of all living light. I do not channel or represent anyone or anything. All light that I share is my own sourced from my own relationship with the source of all living light, the quality of which is pure Love, that which I personally know as God. I cannot & do not create digital materials according to any authority other than the authority of the natural, cosmic wisdom to which I am in service. This means I do not promise a select number of monthly posts or adhere to a pre-determined timed schedule of producing creative work. The very nature of the creativity that flows through me is the nature to move freely according to the rhythm & the pulse of Love as it beats within. 


As pure living light, my creative, multi-media expressions originate from a place far beyond the linear, conceptual mind, so they are not always immediately recognized or understood by the linear, conceptual mind. This is the nature of the language of art. This is the nature of the language in which I most naturally speak. While I speak & write on an ever-increasingly broad range of topics, I speak, write, & create only from the embodiment of my own direct lived experience of those frequencies, which is constantly evolving. I offer my expressions, whatever form they may take, much in the same way that a flower offers her colors & her perfume: subtly, as a gift, & for no reason other than this is the nature of what a flower does. There is no agenda in my words or creative expressions, no desire to teach you, shape you, or mold you into anything other than what you already truly & naturally are. I do not claim to be the authoritative voice of any experience but my own, which is constantly regenerating itself from the source at my innermost core.

Honoring my work (& yours)

As a muse living a fully devotional life in service to the purity of Love, my expressions may inspire the natural, cosmic wisdom inherent in you. If so, please take the time to thoroughly process, integrate, & embody this inspired wisdom through the frequency of your own innate architecture before sharing it so that the frequency of your own expressions remains pure & authentic to you. This is how you honor both my work & your own as being distinctly unique even when there is harmonic resonance & overlap. 


By picking up the signal of the frequency I emit through my multimedia expressions, the living light in your own being may accelerate in frequency. This may result in an accelerated shedding & purification of frequencies that no longer serve your newest embodied expression. Take care to hydrate, rest, & listen to what your inner light tells you that you need. 

Details of Giving

As a patron you are invited to contribute a monthly financial gift in exchange for access to realms of my personal living library not readily available on the mainstream digital scene. If you are familiar with my multimedia expressions on mainstream social media, think of my expressions on Patreon as the next level of creative energy exchange possible between us, an extension of what you already receive when you engage with my content on mainstream social media but now available to receive at a deeper, more intentional level, with the opportunity to show your appreciation via a monthly financial gift according to the value you feel my expressions add to your quality of life.


To become a patron, you can choose to give a monthly amount that feels right for you (select "Become a Patron" then select "Make a Custom Pledge"), or, you can choose to sign up under the Classic Patron tier at the set price of $5 per month. Both come with access to the same materials in the Living Light Library, the only difference is whether you want to join at a price that you choose or join at a price that is pre-set. Either are fine, & one isn't better than the other. Move with what your body tells you is correct for you.


For those who are called to engage with my musings & give at a deeper level, there are two additional membership tiers through which to become a patron, The Courting Patron & The Suitor. These are set at a minimum gift amount as a form of energetic protection for the sacredness of the materials & the deep energetic exchange that takes place within these tiers. The Courting Patron membership tier is open to those who are are thoroughly familiarized with my work & ready to take their personal embodiment of living light to the next level; The Suitor membership tier is invite-only. 


All patrons will be able to view the "lens" feature of Patreon where I share live clips of my daily life as I am inspired to. 


Thank you for breathing life into the holographic renaissance. 


With Love,